About the foundation

Mission Statement

The Foundation was established by Millicent Bell in 2008 following the death of her husband the previous year with the purpose of fulfilling their long held hope of providing a legacy of support for humanitarian efforts of varied kinds that would promote the improvement of human health and welfare throughout the world. The Foundation assists efforts aimed at the discovery of remedy for injury and disease by the support of scientific research at established university or other research centers but also desires to help organizations providing direct aid to those suffering from the effects of natural or man-made disasters, of famine, war, or pandemic illness. It hopes to promote the work of agencies or organizations dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment and the conditions of earth and water that sustain all life. And besides encouraging such improvement of human life on a physical and biological level, the Foundation would like to play a part in the improvement of social life enabling our species to enjoy a richer and more democratic existence. It desires to assist efforts to protect individual human freedom of thought and expression and to safeguard established rules of fair justice and other civil rights both in our own country and in the world. It aspires to find ways of contributing to the promotion of peace and understanding among individual and nations, the termination of the disease of war. Finally, in promotion of these ends, the Foundation would like to be able to contribute to various kinds of institutions aiming to raise the level of public consciousness of these problems in the media of public communication. It plans to give support to the public radio and television programs or stations that have demonstrated their ability to deepen general understanding of small and large challenges to human self-understanding and happiness, our sources of joy as well as sorrow, our sense of our position on the planet, our respect for the difference of others as well as likeness to ourselves as persons or peoples, our history and our prospects.

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